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How to be invited to a job interview - PART 1

Improve your CV and Application

8. Oktober 2018

When it comes to applications you surely have received tons of advice from various people. And probably many among them have told you the most important thing you have to do is to have a great letter of motivation/ letter of purpose to get the attention you want. Forget about that.

Of course a good statement is much better than a bad one. However, against common belief, your letter is step 2 during your application process. And you surely won’t make it to step 2 without having accomplished step one successfully. People in HR get many motivation letters every day: good letters- and not so good ones, creative- and non creative ones, interesting- and not so interesting ones. So naturally, they do not have the time to go through all the letters they receive.

First, they will always check your CV to get an idea whether or not you meet the requested qualifications. Only if they think you do they might consider reading your letter.

Why is that? Your CV is the most important tool you have: it gives people an insight into your life. It shows both your business and personal growth, the career steps you have taken so far and it also allows a look into the future to the next possible career steps.  Additionally, many people put in information regarding their family background or hobbies- all important facts for people in HR to decide whether they see you in their open position or not. So be smart and put all the energy you have into a great CV first.

Before you start you should always read carefully through the job announcement. Look at the job profile and ask yourself if you really want that job and why. Then look at the candidate profile and consider whether you meet the qualifications or not. Save you and the company you apply to time and do not send in your application form just for fun. In case they require 7 years of experience within the (bike) industry in a leading position, don’t apply if you can only look back on 1-2 years in minor positions. Looking back on 4-5 years of experience is a different matter and definitely worth a shot.

It is a different matter also with formulations like “ideally, preferably, desired, it is a plus” and so on. Here, they are not too strict. i.e. even when you cannot win any points here, there is still a good chance of meeting up with the key qualifications.

Having decided you really want the job and it is a realistic next career step for you, what does a good CV look like?

In Part 2 we will continue building up our perfect CV :

1. Design

2. Personal Information

3. Career steps (Professional or Work Experience)

4. Educational Info

5. Further Qualification

6. Personal Interest/ Hobbies

7. Attachments

8. Format

9. Some more advice and Examples

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