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Getting your Dream Job

Personal experience from our employee Àngela Francisco

7. Juli 2016

Job searching can be a nightmare; a process full of expectations and doubts. Nowadays we have a lot of options but according to our profession and preferences, some positions are more comfortable than others.


The dream-job is not impossible to find


Many times we just need to start to see things differently, to change our perceptions and know which the appropriate job is for us. And never forget that the most important quality in work is passion.

The dream-job is the job which you can enjoy, that is interesting, and that provides opportunities for growth as well as wage benefits.


Before you even ask yourself what you want to work, or where, the first thing to do is know yourself. Although it sounds philosophical, this will serve not only to respond effectively to questions of a personal interview but also for you to save time and above all, frustrations, to reach a position to realize the next day that it was not what you wanted.


Choose the company


Once you know a little bit more about yourself and you have been digging deeper into your dreams, choose a company that you want to work for. Do not choose a sector or industry but THE COMPANY. You'll have to focus your efforts on that company.

If you do not know how, I recommend you make a self-assessment, and think about where you really want to be, think about the culture of the company where you want to work, etc.

Find out by several companies which you want to work: their culture, their way of offering products and imagine yourself in the position. And finally ... Choose one.


The next step is to build your CV


interviewWe are not going to talk about how to write your resume but do not forget that it must be drafted for the position within the company.  Dismiss from your mind the idea of sending the same sheet to all companies. You have to show the recruiters through your CV (at least at the first step) that you are the suitable and the best candidate for this position that means, you should write the Curriculum adapted to the needs of the position. You can find some tips about how to write the perfect CV on our Sport-Job-Blog. There are many articles about how to write the perfect CV or how to pretend mistakes as well as on our Facebook Page.

In parallel to the curriculum, you must also send a Cover letter. Personally, I consider this is the most important point because the function is to call the attention of the employer, make a difference with the other candidates and, ultimately, get a personal interview.

The company has no other way to get an idea about you but analyzing the curriculum and the cover letter. Remember that there is not a summary of the curriculum if not a way to express to the company why you are interested in working with them and again to show them that you are the ideal candidate.


Being yourself is the key!


People who work in human resources are in daily contact with many people, they know well when someone is lying or just trying to impress. So the best of your equipment is to be yourself, after all if you get the job will be your true self you'll end up showing. Tip you cannot forget on the interview

Of course you'll need to know basic data about the company but the interviewer already knows e. g. when the company was founded, in how many countries they operate or how many awards or employees it has. What they really want to know is if the individual who has caused through the cover letter a good impression is the same as the one they have in front of them.

As it is the job of your dreams, you want it now, and you tried to sell yourself, maybe saturating the recruiter with all your great qualities. Keep Calm. This action far from attracting is repelling. It generates much distrust who just talks and talks about how great he or she is. Wait until the interviewer ask and answer objectively.


After following all this steps, just wait


Be patient and positive and most important of all: Keep your mind open. Getting your dream job means change, change and more change.  But remember the only thing in life that remains fixed is the change. Don´t be afraid, do it now!

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